Basic Stair Terminology

Term Definition
Floor To Floor Distance between the floors where the staircase sits and where the staircase finishes
Tread Rise Distance between the top of one tread to the top of the next tread measuring vertically
Tread Going The distance from the front of one riser to the front of the next riser measuring horizontally.
Overall Going The distance between the start of one flight to the end of the flight measuring horizontally
Pitch The angle at which the staircase climbs
Tread The horizontal piece that is walked on
Riser The vertical gap between two treads which is normally filled in with a riser
Nosing The overhang at the front of each tread, typically 19mm
Top Nosing The final horizontal piece in the line of treads that sits level with the floor
Stringer The structural piece down each side of the staircase
Newel Post The vertical post that holds the balustrade in place, typically found at the bottom & top of the staircase
Spindle The vertical decorative pole in-between the handrail and baserail
Baserail The long piece that sits on top of the string to hold the spindles in place
Bullnose A bottom tread that has been rounded within the staircase width
Curtail A bottom tread that has been rounded that extrudes past the width of the staircase
Landing A square or rectangular platform that helps the staircase perform a turn
Winder A series of treads that fan out to help the staircase turn through 90 and 180 degrees
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