For a long time the staircase had been seen as just a functional piece of furniture that allows you to gain access to other floors. However, in recent years the design techniques and styles of staircases have changed and so have our customers desire to make a feature of their staircase.

At Lyndale we strive to be constantly adapting to current trends and design techniques so we can deliver the impact our customers expect from their staircase. This is demonstrated with our use of GLASS BALUSTRADE on many different designs of stairs and all of which are bespoke made for each staircase.

There are few different ways in which GLASS BALUSTRADE can be incorporated on the staircase and these will be depend on the final look you are trying to achieve.

The most common and easiest to install is the bracket fixed. This is where glass clamps are attached to the staircase and used to hold the glass.
A style which is becoming more desired is the side fixed balustrade. Side fixing uses the side of the staircase for the support of the GLASS BALUSTRADE with each panel of glass having a series of covered fixings connecting them to the staircase.
There is also the option to have the glass inserted in to a groove that will be machined in the handrail and base-rail and therefore requires no visible fixings.

With Lyndale offering such an adaptable choice of GLASS BALUSTRADE ideas to any of our staircase designs, we are sure that you will find the perfect staircase design and GLASS BALUSTRADE to compliment your beautiful home.