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Balustrade is primarily made from 3 different types of components; Handrails, Newel Posts and Spindles. You can choose from our extensive range of standard products in a variety of timbers, but we also have a matching parts service which we can machine any number of items to match an existing style. If you are looking to match any existing styles or just one that is no longer in production as long as we have a sample of the style you are looking for, we will endeavour to match it. Call us for more details on our parts matching service.

There are a couple of way to explore each component we have available, some options are not available for every part, but here are the explenations on each option.

Newel Posts

The newel post is the vertical decorative post that gives your balustrade most of its lateral strength, it is used to hold the handrail & turn it through 90° or 180° on the staircase or across a landing. It can also be used to give your staircase that individual flare to augment the decoration of your hallway.

Square Newel Post

Chamfered Newel Post

Provincial Newel Post

Turned Newel Post

Fluted Newel Post

Twist Newel Post

Newstead Newel Post

Trentham Newel Post

Ikon Newel Post


Handrail is quite often overlooked as needing to be anything special. Although it has to be a functional aspect of the stairs, it is also important that it is pleasing to view and more importantly comfortable to use. We have gone through many design processes to select what we think are the best selection of handrails to offer the practicality, the aesthetics & the comfort you would desire in a handrail.


The spindle is the vertical decorative strut that sits between the handrail and baserail, it is used not only for strength & rigidity for the rails, it can also be used to give your staircase that individual flare to augment the decoration of your hallway.

Square Spindle

Chamfered Spindle

Classic Spindle

Colonial Spindle

Provincial Spindle

Fluted Spindle

Latvian Spindle

London Spindle

Traditional Spindle

Twist Spindle

Newstead Spindle

Trentham Spindle

Boston Spindle

Beaufort Spindle

Madison Spindle

Charleston Spindle

Edisto Spindle

Savannah Spindle

Ikon Spindle

Newel Caps

Newel caps are used to finish off the top of newel post in decorative ways & to give definite breaks in the handrail. You can also get newel caps that do not break the flow of the handrail around turns and ramps, this is called continuous handrail.

Our range of handrails, newels, spindles and caps are available in a variety of timbers including Pine, Hemlock, Sapele, Ash and Oak. If you require a timber that isn’t in our standard range, just give us a call and we will endeavour to acommodate your requests.

Acorn Cap

Ball Cap

Flat Cap

Mushroom Cap

Opening Cap

Volute Cap

Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrading gives your staircase the most clean and modern of looks if you are trying to break out of the traditional staircase mould. Our glass balustrade is constructed of 10mm thick toughened glass to give you peace of mind & to contribute to the strength and rigidity of your balustrade. Our glass balustrade is attached using high quality glass clamps that come in chrome, brass and brushed nickel finishes.

Bronze Glass

Green Glass

Grey Glass

Opal Glass

Optiwhite Glass

Standard Glass

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