Space Saver Stairs

Designed for Loft Conversions

Space Saver stairs are designed for permanent access for loft conversions without taking up the space needed for a traditional staircase. Space Saver staircases use an ‘alternate tread’ system (sometimes referred to as a ‘Paddle Tread’ Staircase) to reduce the space required for that of a traditional staircase requires.

Due to the nature of the design of Space Saver Staircases, we manufacture the treads in a thicker timber by default compared to traditional staircases. This gives the tread extra strength and maintain the quality that is expected of a Lyndale staircase. With our independently created design software, you can be sure of the perfect design and the perfect solution for your Space Saver needs. The design package is something completely unique to Lyndale and gives us the advantage in front of other companies and gives us the ability to tweak and change any aspect of the design in little time with little effort, allowing us to be at the forefront of staircase design at all times.

All of our Space Saver staircases come pre-assembled (or flat pack if you prefer) to enable quick and easy installation. All of our stairs are pre-fitted in the workshop to ensure that your staircase will always fit together perfectly, every time.

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