Terminology Guide

  • Floor to Floor - The distance from Ground floor level to the First floor level equalling the total rise
  • Risers - The Vertical material between each Tread
  • Going - The total shown face of the tread, all treads together equals the total going which is the full length of the Staircase horizontally
  • Closed String - The sides of a stair which houses and hides the Treads & Risers
  • Cut String - The sides of the stair which allows the profile of the Treads and Risers to be seen.
  • Half Riser - A stair where the riser doesn't run vertical from tread to tread but allows you to see through the Staircase
  • Balustrading - The components of the Staircase on the Strings and Landing, consiting of Handrails, Baserails, Newels, Nosings & Spindles
  • Newel - The posts on a Stair usually housing all Balustrading
  • Spindles - The decorative element of the Staircase that sits vertical between the Handrail & Baserail
  • Pitch/Rake - The angle at which the Staircase sits at
  • Bullnose - This is the first tread which is usually rounded and housed into the Newel Post
  • Curtail - A larger decorative tread which can be incorporated with the Bullnose
  • Winders - A set of three or four angled treads used to change the direction of the Staircase

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